St. Andrews High School Suchitra (Bowenpally)

The sprawling campus, offering classes from Playschool to class XII, is divided into Junior, Middle School, Secondary and Senior Secondary Blocks with well-stocked libraries and dedicated laboratories, music, art & craft, and language rooms in each, in addition to the Administrative Block and Sports Block. Latest on campus is Akira by St. Andrews - a learning centre for children with dyslexia.

Education at St. Andrews, Suchitra champions the cause of child-centric learning – development of the whole person: spiritually, morally, culturally, academically and physically. Every child is valued for who they are and encouraged to give their very best. Extensive academic facilities, adaption of the latest learning strategies, cutting-edge development infrastructure and innovation in education underpins our commitment in developing the child’s full potential. We understand that leaders of the future are our children today and we strive to ensure that they are provided with an excellent education which inspires, challenges and instils a love of learning.

We do trust that you will enjoy exploring our website and getting to know us a little better. Of course, it is only by visiting St. Andrews, Suchitra (Bowenpally) that you truly get a feel of the place.


To provide an affordable quality education through a challenging curriculum that is student-centred and focused on inquiry-based, hands-on learning, with an active involvement of all the stakeholders in the learning process.

Value Statement

At St. Andrews, we believe in

  1. Ensuring a safe learning environment for all students
  2. Providing opportunities and resources to all students to learn & be successful
  3. Continuously improving the learning environment for all students
  4. Setting high standards for our school and students
  5. Maintaining a consistency of purpose with all staff members working towards a common goal of success for each learner
  6. Proficiency in technology which is necessary to prepare students for a globally competitive society

Senior Leadership


To facilitate our vision to be “future-ready” by adapting to the National Education Policy 2020 and to ensure a smooth transition post the challenging times of pandemic & its after-effects, St. Andrews School has formulated a Governing Board comprising of eminent educationalists, who have experience in working with various national & international education systems.

Mrs. Farzana Dohadwalla

Mrs. Farzana is a former South Asia representative for International Baccalaureate (IB) and has established & managed over 100+ Schools. She is an expert in school management, establishment, operations and teacher training.

Mr. Husien Dohadwalla

Mr. Husien has been associated with multiple large private educational groups – as the Academic Director for their national and international schools for over 15 years. He is also part of the IB Educator Network for the Asia Pacific Region and is one of the Youngest IB School Visit Team Leader & Workshop Leader appointed by the IB Educator Network.

Mrs. Saroja Singuluri – Principal of St. Andrews High School, Suchitra (Bowenpally)

Mrs. Saroja has over 19 years of association with St. Andrews school & was recently appointed as the Principal. She is a forward-thinking Principal whose development plans for the school align well with the NEP 2020.

Mrs. Padmalaya Sarma Chavali – Principal of St. Andrews School, Keesara

Mrs. Padmalaya has more than 16 years of association with St. Andrews school. She believes in holistic development & plans to enhance the curriculum to focus not just on academics but also give equal emphasis to Art & Craft/ Sports / Yoga etc. which is in line with recommendations given in NEP 2020.

Academic excellence, innovation in learning and teaching strategies and a wide range of co and extra-curricular activities are what makes St. Andrews, Suchitra the successful school it is.

At St. Andrews, Suchitra (Bowenpally) we provide a rigorous and productive learning environment where children are both challenged and supported. Education is not just the learning of facts but the training of mind to think. We believe that education should address the whole of what it means to happy, fulfilled and successful, to this end we offer a broad range of co-curricular activities to supplement and enhance experiences gained in the classroom. We have high expectations of all our students and are determined that each child will have the opportunity to shine during their time with us – and enjoy themselves in the process!

St. Andrews, Suchitra (Bowenpally) has always been a popular school and has a strong academic reputation. We take pride in our traditions, whilst embracing innovation and change that best prepares our students for the challenges they will meet in the future.

Saroja Singuluri


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